About me

I'm an artist, illustrator and graphic artist. Primarily, because drawing and painting have been my hobbies since early childhood when my preschool friends often had asked me to draw for them an Indian riding a mustang, a fancy race car, or just anything cool.

My parents supported my talent and enrolled me in a children art school. Then I joined an amateur art studio. My next step was a professional art school, graduating with a BA degree.

My hobbies became a passion and, finally, a career in my 20's. I painted portraits and church murals, designed posters and advertisements.

When the graphic software for personal computers has become available and accessible, I knew I have found a new instrument to apply to my former hobbies. I've learned to design books and magazines, create digital illustrations and collages.

Then I bought my first digital camera and started with taking lots of pictures like everyone. But due to my arts education and background, I went from documenting the surroundings, people and objects, and playing with lighting and textures, to creating my own photo-reality. I learned to build objects in 3D-editors and animate them.

Nothing visual is strange to me: graphic and web design, photography and 3D-visualizations. But most of all, I like to make drawings.

So much experience to share. Scroll through the portfolio; look at the samples of my work. If you like something of what you see, please contact me by e-mail. I will be happy to offer you my services and show you a really professional art and design work.